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Integrity is the essence of this ministry. All monies that have been donated to this organization have gone totally to the project for which it was intended.

 In Sterling, a rural area of Alaska, the Founder’s grabbed each other’s vision, and cleared a parcel of land, and built a church and a school

     * Ministry built on the principle of prayer and fasting.  Members fasting anywhere from 3 to 65 days
     * Provided over 1500 meals per month for five years for those in need

     * Fed thousands of children a month in Nicaragua for six years
     * Collected tens of thousands of dollars and sent it to Nicaragua after “Hurricane Mitch” in 1998 and distributed by the Pastors of the country
     * Helped build the tent city “Vida Nueva,” in devastated Nicaragua after the hurricane
     * Donated to feeding programs in multiple countries
     * Have helped build schools and orphanages in several countries
     * Leaders and mission teams have been interviewed by numerous media outlets
     * Food drives, every year, as well as clothing and gift purchases for those that are not economically self-sufficient
     * Arranged for and built affordable housing
     * Helped numerous adults receive their high school diplomas and college degrees
     * Work with and support the local community Senior Citizen’s Center

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